Do you want to bring SolveOS to your school, library, science center or museum and have the best results possible? The SolveOS SolverSession teaches how to teach SolveOS and use the tools. These events are held multiple times a year all across the globe. We can also come to you!

Learn to teach SolveOS and you can help grow the community.


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SolvePAKs are a kit for innovation that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Robotics, Virtuality and Augmented Reality technologies to go along with the SolveOS programing. SolvePAKs are available as individual kits or as a Classroom Lab in a box.

SolvePAKs are designed to be low cost and easy to build a working prototype and test an idea using problem solving and STEAM methods.



SolveOS Platform

Web and App platform with rich audio, video AR and VR modules teach how to problem solve around global challenges such as the environment, food, water and learn how to make and solve.

Launch a cube satellite or design and develop environmental IoT sensors for a smart campus. Modules focus on applied subjects such as VR and AR, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence. This content is Open Source and free for all who wish to use it.